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Northallerton Evangelical Church

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Stephen Fry (11 Feb pm) Luke 2:22-40

Steve Harding (11 Feb am) Psalm 63

Jonathan Wilson (28 Jan am) 2Kings 6:24-7:20

John Ellenden (21 Jan am) Micah 6

Chris Prest (14 Jan am) 2 Cor 13v1-6

Daniel Friery (7 Jan am) Luke 1:67-80, Mal 2:17-3:5 “The Justice of the Covenant Lord”


Stephen Fry (24 Dec am) Luke 1

Chris Brearley (10 Dec am) Matt 1v18-25 “The Gift of God”

Brian Dunning (3 Dec am) Rev 1v9-12

John Wilson (26 Nov am) Matt 27:35-44 and others

Tony Hutter (12 Nov am) Phil 1

John Wilson (5 Nov pm) Hab 3

Brian Dunning (15 Oct pm) Rev 1v4-6

Brian Dunning (15 Oct am) Rev 1v1-3

Tony Hutter (Harvest - 24 Sept pm) Matt 3v13-4v11

Tony Hutter (Harvest - 24 Sept am) Matt 6v5-14 & 25-34

Gary McKee (13 Aug pm) Job 19v21-29 & 1 Cor 15v35-58

Gary McKee (13 Aug am) 1 Cor 15v35-58

Gordon Frame (2 July pm) Deut 10v12-22

Gordon Frame (2 July am) Deut 1 “The Word of The Lord & The Lord of The Word”

Tony Hutter (4 June pm) Rev 7:9-12

Tony Hutter (4 June am) Isaiah 43:8-28

Noel Ramsey (14 May pm) Hosea 12

Noel Ramsey (14 May am) Matt 12v1-21

Tony Hutter (Easter Sunday - 16 April pm) 1 Cor 15 v20-28 & 50-58)

Tony Hutter (Easter Sunday - 16 April am) Mat 28

Gordon Frame (9 April am) Matt 21v1-44 + Ps 118 “The first Psalm Sunday”

Neil Anderson (2 April am) Acts 20v13-38 “A true Gospel Church”

Chris Prest (26 Mar pm) 2 Cor 11v16-33

David Williams (19 Mar pm) Matt 8v14-27

David Friery (19 Mar am) Gen 32v22-32

Chris Brearley (12 Mar pm) John 19v28-37: “It is finished”

Chris Brearley (12 Mar am) Jonah 3&4

John Ellenden (5 Mar pm) Isaiah 6

David Friery (5 Mar am) Gen 28v10-22

Gary McKee (26 Feb pm) Matthew 27v32-54

Brian Dunning (26 Feb am) Song of Solomon 1v4-6

Steve Harding (19 Feb pm) Hebrews 12v14

David Williams (5 Feb pm) Ezek 33v1-11

Richard Wigham (29 Jan pm) Isaiah 40 & Psalm 93

Richard Wigham (29 Jan am) John 13v31-14v14

Gary McKee (22 Jan am) Rev 7v9-17

Answers in Genesis

Simon Turpin (30 Oct 2016 am) Defending the Bible in a Scientific age

The Gospel according to Mark (2016)

Gareth Crossley (9 Oct am) Mark 5v21-43

Gareth Crossley (15 May am) Mark 2v18-22 (Fasting)

Gareth Crossley (1 May am) Mark 2v1-12 (Gifts)

Gareth Crossley (31 Jan am) Mark 1v14-15

Christmas Sermons (2015)  “Jesus no ordinary Man”

Gareth Crossley (20 Dec am) Matt 1v18-25

Gareth Crossley (13 Dec am) John 3v22-26